Spot Serum $40

Spot Serum $40

Spot Serum
Anti-Breakage & Scalp Defense
Vitamin-Enriched, Warming Scalp Defense Formula
As part of a complete system, the ReGenesis™ Spot Serum has a specialized, vitamin enriched, warming formula that helps target specific low density concerns and provide on-the-go defense against damage.

This vitamin-enriched formula helps revitalize, protect and fortify hair while supporting optimum scalp health and addressing hair breakage. Targets thinning hair trouble zones, such as the hairline, hair part and crown region.

Targets Thinning Trouble Zones
Promotes Thicker, Fuller-Bodied Hair
Defends Against Hair Breakage
  • Details

    Specialized roller-ball with pump dispenser allows for targeted application and on-contact scalp massage benefits.
    It is recommended to use your preferred ReGenesis Hair Volume Enhancer once daily, preferably after hair has been washed and is slightly damp.
    Use once daily. Remove safety clip from spray nozzle. Hold bottle upright and orient micro-targeting spray nozzle directly up to head, targeting areas of fine and thinning hair. Spray 1-2 pumps, then massage using fingertips, allow to dry and style hair as usual.
    This product is a leave-in, do not rinse. For best results use as part of the ReGenesis™ Hair Enhancing System.

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