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Thickening Shampoo $34 - $89

Thickening Shampoo $34 - $89

Scalp Therapy Formula
More than simply a way to cleanse hair, this unique thickening and scalp therapy formula features specialized ingredients to optimize scalp health and fortify hair.
Re-establish an environment for your hair to thrive. This phyto-infused formula supports optimum scalp health, fortifies the hair cuticle and works to improve hair thickness. Hair transforms to feel fuller, look thicker, and perform better as if reborn to a more luxurious, youthful, healthier head of hair.
Promotes Thicker, Fuller-Bodied Hair
Protects Against Hair Breakage
Nourishes Hair & Scalp
Free of Harsh Sulfates & Color-Safe

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    How To Use
    Use daily or as needed to cleanse and care hair.
    Apply ReGenesis Thickening Shampoo to wet hair. Focusing on the scalp, massage in a circular motion and pull through hair from root to tips. Leave on scalp 1-2 minutes, then rinse and follow with ReGenesis™ Thickening Conditioner.
    For best results use as part of the ReGenesis™ Hair Enhancing System.
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